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Since 1983 I travel around the world. Since 1991 my wife Tanja accompanies me on our life project „The big journey“. As ambassador of mother earth it is our dream to create a time document of our planet. In picture, film and text we want to show how it looks on our earth today and how she changes. We want to form a compensatory pole to a world which overtakes itself every day a little bit faster. With our reports we like to serve a mosaic piece, to hold on, to find the own way, to have goals and to realise aims. And also we like to remind of how beautiful, many-sided and protection–worth our planet is. We wish you joy and inspiration on our web page.

Current journey - Longest unsupported E-Bike-Expedition of the World, Siberia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand 2015 bis 2017

Come with us on the trip to an amazing other world. Company us via live on-line diary and this time also with Geo-Tracking.

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Summary and Christmas greetings from Vietnam

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Denis Katzer with dog Ajaci on the way in the mountains at the Hoa Binh Reservoir. Northern Vietnam