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TRANS-EAST EXPEDITION 1 to 4 – By bike from Germany to Mongolia – 2005-2009

15,000 km by bike from Germany to Mongolia

In our online diaries, we describe our spectacular, exciting and profound experiences unvarnished and passionately – live during the expedition. In addition to the exciting and informative stories, we provide interesting facts about the technical details and logistics of our undertakings.

Exciting books were written after the cycle tours. You will find the links under the respective stages.

3,000 km cycling adventure – July to October 2005
Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania

A new adventure begins for us at Lake Constance, the extent of which we cannot estimate from the outset. The first 3,000 kilometers of cycling take us along the mighty Danube to Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Romania until just before the Black Sea. One of the rainiest summers on record, tick bites, a fall from a bike, life-threatening heavy goods traffic, injuries, road thieves, but also the indescribable beauty of the varied Danube landscape and many friendly people from a wide range of ethnic groups make the trip a unique experience.

The humorous, entertaining, exciting and informative story provides authentic insights into the Europe of today. A captivating book – not just for cyclists!

4,000 km cycling adventure – June to November 2007
Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Crimean Peninsula, Russia

From Romania to western Russia. We cycled from Bucharest to the Black Sea on the second leg of our five-year planned Trans-East expedition. After following the Danube 2,700 km to its mouth, we discovered little-known Moldova. Dilapidated roads and towns, the hottest summer for 100 years, endless hills, helpful and friendly people and a month-long stay in an Orthodox monastery left unforgettable memories. We made the unpleasant acquaintance of the small country of Transnistria, which is not recognized by any state in the world, survived many life-threatening kilometers of cycling on Ukrainian freeways, crossed the beautiful Crimean peninsula and cycled between the Black and Azov Seas to Russia. Annoying registrations, 2,000 km of extreme easterly winds, the Volga, vast landscapes and the warmth of the most diverse people gave us a deep insight into the largest country on earth, today’s Russia.

The entertaining, often humorous, varied, exciting and informative narrative provides authentic insights into Eastern Europe today.
A captivating report – not just for cyclists!

4,000 km cycling adventure – May to November 2008
Russia, Kazakhstan, Siberia

The travel preparations for our next stage are complete. Again, during this time we also prepared the material from our last stage for a book and produced a slide show from it. From May to November 2008 we will pedal our bikes through Russia and Kazakhstan to Lake Baikal. Provided the technology doesn’t let us down, we will report on our experiences once a week in our web diary.

What an instructive and profound message is contained in this book: food for our brains and our minds.

3,500 km cycling adventure – June to October 2009
Siberia and Mongolia

Certainly an exciting, thrilling tour through impressive, wild, untamed natural landscapes. The itinerary alone promises this: by bike from Krasnoyarsk through the southern part of Siberia to Lake Baikal, then on through the land of the world’s largest contiguous forests to Mongolia. Once again, we will be reporting on our experiences in our web diary once a week from June to October 2009.

Fantastic adventures and profound experiences take the reader on an adventurous, moving journey through the heart of Siberia and Mongolia.

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