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Rufus Katzer

Rufus Katzer, formerly Freddy Wauy, was born on a small farm in Southwest Australia on June 21, 1996. He is a trained lizard hunter and specialized sheep and cattle herder. In 1999 he gave up his job and accompanied Tanja and Denis Katzer on their south-north and west-east Australian crossing. Today, Rufus lives in early retirement in a small village in southern Germany and barks at his canine companions in the Australian-Franconian dialect.

“Wow, I really have to say something about that. Wouldn’t have thought that camel riding would be so strenuous. Especially when you get the job of barking kangaroos, wild horses and wild camels into flight. But let’s be honest: if my master and mistress had told me at the beginning that they wouldn’t let me nibble on the delicious, sun-ripened cattle and camel carcasses, I probably wouldn’t have gone with them. But who would have looked after them then? Who would have protected them from the wild camel bulls and the poisonous snakes? Who would have saved my Tanja from a cruel death of thirst and shown Denis the way?

Without false modesty: it was a heroic act to have been there. And when I think about it, it wasn’t so bad to be the head of the caravan, riding on my friend Hardie and being able to watch everything from above. As a scout and great camel rider, I was certainly the most important member. I guess without me, Denis and Tanja would hardly have survived this expedition in one piece.

Unfortunately, Tanja and Denis were unable to take me with them on their Tras East expedition. They said I wouldn’t survive this trip because of the stray dogs, but above all because of the horrible and dangerous cars. Well, they have a clue! In my old days I could still beat any car to the punch, that would have been a laugh! However, I had a much riskier and highly important job at home. I was the bodyguard of Brigitte and Carsten, Denis’ parents, and guarded our home while my people were traveling.

I then prepared for my last big stage finish there, as befits a true hero, yes! On my very personal expedition to the stars in the sky… What? You don’t believe me? Then ask Denis and Tanja! They KNOW that even now that I’m no longer chasing after things on this earth, I’m still scouting out every dangerous path from high above. And since I will always have a place in the basket that my master and mistress carry around in their big hearts anyway, I am still part of every great adventure. Whoooooooo!

Even though I have to say that I really like it here where I am now. I can finally snack on everything that comes to mind. Well Denis, you’re amazed what? And I can chase wildly until I run out of breath. Which takes a loooong time for a heroic guy like me, if I may say so in all modesty. I even met up with a lot of old friends. Tanja certainly remembers the racy dingo lady. Woof! She is so into my great shoe fashion. See for yourself: I have my own YOUTUBE VIDEO of my dogwalk. Woohoohoohoo!

Anyway, I’m fine and I’ve sent my humans a suitable deputy to take my place when the going gets tough. He will then continue the Great Journey with them until we all meet again at some point after the very last stage. I’m really looking forward to hearing what great adventures they have to tell, because the journey is far from over! Whoooooooo!

So chest out, head up and snout to the wind.

Your Rufus Freddy Wauy Katzer”

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