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In our travel diaries, we describe our spectacular, exciting and profound experiences during the expedition in an unvarnished, open and passionate way. In addition to the exciting and informative stories, we provide interesting facts about the technical details and logistics of the extensive endeavours.
Join us on our often adventurous journeys. Experience expeditions at first hand and feel what it’s like to be a part of our reporting.
Reporting often takes place under extreme conditions. During our Mongolia crossing, I write in our tent at minus 30 °C.

In addition to the detailed stories about the Red Earth Expedition, there are other interesting reports in the section The Great Journey. In future, let us take you on an extreme expedition into the heart of the Taklamakan, the desert of death in western China. Or accompany us into the past. To a land where blood feud and hospitality are still the order of the day.

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