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Planned expedition trip

UPDATED (planned time frame 2022 to 2025)
STAGE 2 of the “Longest e-bike expedition in the world”
60,000 km overland and off-road tour to Asia / 20,000 km by e-bike / living with elephants in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

After our first stage of the e-bike expedition, we will continue our e-bike journey where we left off. To get our bikes and equipment to the starting point, we use the Trans-Siberian Railway for the last time. The journey alone was an unforgettable adventure and helped to give TV radio, magazine and newspaper publications and our current book “SO WEIT DER AKKU REICHT” an unusual, exciting start.
The next stage will also get off to an extraordinary start. The plan is to load our e-bikes and equipment into a four-wheel drive vehicle and travel through Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Siberia, Mongolia, China and Vietnam to Cambodia. (distance approx. 30,000 kilometers) We will park the vehicle there, unpack the e-bikes and make a 20,000 kilometer circle through Southeast Asia in a two-year trip, before loading the bikes back into the off-roader and cruising the 30,000 kilometers back to Germany. Planned time frame of the trip approx. 3 years.

We use the e-bikes to cycle to various elephant resorts in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. The plan is to spend a few months with the pachyderms to study and document their way of life. A book will be created from the experiences, the mixture of culture, past and present. The background to the project is to help save the largest land mammal on earth from extinction through the ivory trade and abuse in the tourist trade.

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