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MONGOLEI EXPEDITION – Wintering with the last reindeer nomads – 2011-2012

Horse adventures and wintering with the last reindeer nomads

3,000 km horseback adventure
Lonely days and nights, the howling of wolves, blizzards, earthquakes. After a 1,500 km long, adventurous ride to the last reindeer nomads on earth, we were catapulted into a completely alien, sometimes hostile, but fascinating world.

Beyond the 3,000-metre-high Khoridol-Saridag snow mountains, not far from the Siberian border, we met the Tuwa in their winter camp – where the sparse green of the taiga provides food for the nomads’ reindeer. We asked for their hospitality. We were the first Europeans to spend an entire winter with these indigenous people in our own tipi. The long Arctic winter with temperatures of minus 50 °C froze the land. And we often feared for our lives.

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A thrilling, highly informative, live expedition story in which we take the reader into a strange and extreme world that will not exist in this form for much longer.

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