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E-bike expedition part 4 Vietnam - Online diary 2016-2017


N 15°52'44.8'' E 108°20'35.8''
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    Day: 579


    Quảng Nam

    Hoi An

    Latitude N:

    Longitude E:

    Daily kilometers:
    29 km

    Total kilometers:
    21,658 km

    As the crow flies:
    21 km

    Average speed:
    20.6 km/h

    Maximum speed:
    28.4 km/h

    Travel time:
    1:23 hrs.

    Soil condition:

    Maximum height:
    15 m

    Total altitude meters:
    59.258 m

    Altitude meters for the day:
    20 m

    06:17 h

    5:41 pm

    Temperature day max:

    09:00 a.m.

    Arrival time:
    2:00 pm

(Photos of the diary entry can be found at the end of the text).


“What are those red marks on your washboard stomach?” asks Tanja on the morning of departure. Startled, I look down at myself. “Oh dear,” I say and get scared because they hurt when I touch them. “And your eyes are all swollen,” I say, whereupon Tanja immediately jumps to the mirror. “Is it from contaminated fish?” I ponder worriedly. “Come on. Leave the church in the village. Maybe we’ve just been bitten by a few mosquitoes.” “Hm, maybe,” I reply, continuing to pack my saddlebags.

We cycle south along the China Sea in pleasant, warming sunshine. Because the coastline in this region is completely built up, we rarely see the water. Anyway, we are happy about the beautiful weather and the friendly people who, as always, wave to us incessantly or stick their thumbs out of the car window or from the saddle of their mopeds as they pass us.

Again it waves vigorously out of the passenger window. Then the hand disappears and a smartphone appears. As so often, we are filmed. The main attraction is Ajaci, who steals the show almost always and everywhere. The passenger shouts something to me in Vietnamese. Then the driver accelerates, overtakes us, only to stop a few hundred meters further on. We also stop our bikes so as not to disappoint the people. “We are also dog owners,” the driver calls out to us in poor English, opens the trunk of his heavy off-road vehicle and lets a small boxer out of each of two transport crates. “Wow Wow! Wow!” Ajaci greets his four-legged colleagues. We learn that they were on vacation in Hanoi with their dogs and are now on their way home. After taking photos of each other, we continue our journey and reach the peaceful town of Hoi An with its 75,000 inhabitants, which once had the largest port in Southeast Asia and was located on the famous Silk Road. However, as the harbor increasingly silted up, the once important port and the town lost importance in the 18th century…

If you would like to find out more about our adventures, you can find our books under this link.

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