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Loaded up for Morocco

Wolfgang, 81 years old, has sold everything and has traveled around the world twice in the last 3 years.

N 28°57'39.8" W 010°36'25.1"
image description

    Day: 369

    Country: Morocco

    Location: On the Plage Blanche beach

    Latitude N: 28°57’39.8″

    Longitude W: 010°36’25.1″

“Wolfgang, how did it come about that at the age of 78 you decided to spend your life in a van (Fiat Ducato 2) and drive around the world?” we ask with interest. “I worked until the age of 72 and then sold my restaurant,” he replies and tells his story. “Then I devoted myself to keeping animals as a hobby. I had sheep and goats, but when that became too much for me physically after a few years and many of my friends and acquaintances died, I thought about what I should do now. I realized that it would be my turn at some point. So I thought to myself that I had to do something crazy again. I thought about what I used to love doing the most, and that was traveling. I loved traveling and had already seen a lot of the world. I suddenly realized that I had to do something really crazy again. I thought about the North Cape, and not in summer, because that’s where everyone goes, but I wanted to do it in winter,” he chats and tells us the story of how he got his vehicle, how he sold everything, handed in his ID card and single-mindedly turned his plan into reality.

“Originally, I only wanted to be on the road for a year, but I enjoyed vanlife so much that I’ve kept going until now. “I feel life, I feel great and enjoy every moment. I can only recommend it to everyone. If it can be done, do it – just do it. Some people are afraid and doubt themselves, but that won’t get you anywhere. Quite the opposite. Many people say, for example, oh Morocco, that’s dangerous. I can tell you that Morocco is the safest country I’ve ever been to. There are police and military posts everywhere, guarding the coast and the countryside. They also come in the evening and warn you that it’s not safe here. That’s really okay.

“What do you do when you break down?” I ask. “Oh, you just have breakdowns. I got stuck several times, got bogged down in the sand, landed in the ditch when reversing and once crashed my rear wheel into an uncovered manhole. But that just happens.” “And how did you get out of it?” I want to know. “The place was under video surveillance and before I had really thought about how to get out of the mess, the people who worked in the government building next door were already there with pallet trucks and lifted my van out of the hole. Then they unscrewed the broken tire, had it repaired in a workshop and screwed it back onto the car.” “Wow, that’s Moroccan helpfulness,” Tanja and I say as if from the same mouth.

“Have you ever had problems with children throwing stones?” I want to know. “No, never, I’ve hardly had any bad experiences so far.”

“The classic question. Which country did you like best?” “Hm, where did I like it best? I have to identify with the country I’m in and then I have to say it’s nice here. I really liked it in countries like Canada, Alaska or Australia and New Zealand, but it’s difficult for me to single out one country,” answers Wolfgang thoughtfully. “I also always say that every country has its own energy and beauty. However, when people ask me where I liked it best, I think of Australia, because we spent four years there crossing the outback on camels and it has left an unforgettable mark on my soul,” I reply. “Well, if I were 20 or 30 years younger, I would love to travel to North America again. I was there 50 years ago, but a lot has changed there. Regardless of that, I have to pick out what I like in a country and if I don’t like it anymore, then I move on.

“And do you have any other goals?” “I’m going to return to Germany and go to the Polish side of the Oder to have my broken braces repaired. It’s much cheaper there and I’ve had very good experiences there. Then I’ll visit my family near Bremerhaven, after which I’ll go back to Portugal and then to Morocco in the winter.”

“You told us that you advised a friend. What was that again?” Tanja wants to know. “He should sell everything as quickly as possible, buy a motorhome and come after me.”

“So that’s good advice for making something of your life again?” “That’s right. I mean, if you’re not born to travel like I was, you’ll find another way. For example, cruises or something else.”

“Have you ever been bored during your travels?” “Nope, I’m surprised that I’ve been here for so long now. I take a lot of photos and post them on my Facebook page so that my family and friends know where I am and what I’m doing. I’m always busy.”

“Can we see the inside of your van?” I ask. “It’s not tidy, but I can show you around,” he invites us on a room tour of his vehicle…

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