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29.01.2024 Loaded up for Morocco

Micha (60) overcomes lung cancer and crosses Africa in a Zetros 6×6 – Truck tour

N 31°42'27.7" W 007°59'20.6"
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    Date: 20.11.2023

    Tag: 352

    Camp: 63

    Country: Morocco

    Location: Camping Le Relais De Marrakesch

    Latitude N: 31°42’27.7″

    Longitude W: 007°59’20.6″

    Total kilometers: 7943 km

    Height 408 meters

    Temperature day max: 33 °

    Night temperature: 19°

“We’ve been living in the vehicle for nine years now, and in the last two years we were slowed down when I got a lung tumor two years ago. We were in Sicily at the time and I suddenly started spitting up blood. My right lung was removed a year and a half ago and my lung volume is now only 40 percent. But that’s no reason to give up – not at all. I’ve picked myself up again and my wife Sabine has helped me incredibly. Without her, I wouldn’t be standing here today. The last X-rays and CDs were all good: no metastases, no cancer. Now we’ve decided to go to South Africa,” says Micha. “Unbelievable,” I reply, inspired by so much courage and will to live.

“Many doctors tell you to stay at home for God’s sake,” Micha continues. “I can only say to anyone who has just a little bit of power: Don’t give up, do what you can. It’s not a duty to sit in front of the TV and get depressed. Take your life into your own hands and chaka. Do what you can – you just have to want to. It’s the head that counts.” I can feel the positive energy literally leap out at me at his words. “It’s a great story, we can certainly motivate a lot of people with it,” I say…

Micha is an experienced off-road enthusiast. He is a trained car mechanic, later studied and was already on the road in a Toyota Landcruiser in the 1980s. He has ridden trails, was in the Camel Trophy selection in the 90s, took part in the first Transylvania Trophy, organized trophies himself and much more…

“Come on, I’ll show you our Mercedes Zetros 6×6,” Micha invites me on a fascinating tour around his dream expedition vehicle.

We talk about how you should be equipped as a single driver, how to change 160 kg tires, about the right tire pressure and tire pressure system, about lifting bags, the right tools, weight distribution when loading, how to drive a truck in difficult terrain, the right water filter system, preserving and storing food and many other tricks and tips…

Here is the link to the video:

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