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11.02.2024 Loaded up for Morocco

Around the world with the unique Overland roof tent bus since 1989!

N 31°42'27.7" W 007°59'20.6"
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    Date: 21.11.2023

    Tag: 353

    Camp: 63

    Country: Morocco

    Location: Camping Le Relais De Marrakesch

    Latitude N: 31°42’27.7″

    Longitude W: 007°59’20.6″

    Total kilometers: 7943 km

    Height 408 meters

    Temperature day max: 33 °

    Night temperature: 19°

Spend the night in the clouds

We have been on our “Great Journey” for 33 years now. Time and again we encounter unexpected situations and see unconventional means of travel. It is a journey that constantly takes us into unknown realms. And so I meet Frank, a man of unusual charisma, who is driving an equally unusual off-road bus with space for 24 passengers.

“Hello Frank,” I greet the friendly man who has driven this bizarre off-road bus from Germany to Morocco. “Are you the owner of this impressive vehicle?” I ask, pointing to the beautiful truck, which looks like it’s straight out of a nostalgic African movie. “No, I’m not the owner, but I’ve been part of this crew since 1989 and have already survived three changes of ownership. I’ve been taken on again and again and act as driver and tour guide for this group.”

“Do you really take your guests around the world in rooftop tent buses?” “Not the whole world, but we’ve been almost everywhere and visited many remote places on our planet,” he replies in a friendly manner. “And do the travelers actually spend the night in the tents upstairs?” I ask, pointing to the twelve tents stretching skywards on the roof of the bus. “Yes, the sleeping areas are up there. As the tents are permanently mounted on the roof of the bus, we save a lot of time each day setting up camp for the night, which allows us to spend more time with our guests as guides.” “That sounds really fascinating. Would you like to give me a closer look at the vehicle (basic vehicle Mercedes 1422 truck, built in 1989)?” I ask curiously, whereupon Frank willingly shows me everything inside and out and explains it in detail…

Here is the link to the video:

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