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Loaded up for Morocco

Like in a fairytale forest

N 47°46'39.9" E 007°42'40.0"
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    Day: 004


    Berg Hochblauen

    Latitude N:

    Longitude E:

    Daily kilometers:
    87 km

    Total kilometers:
    512 km

    1165 meters

    Travel time:
    02:00 hrs.

    Temperature day max:

    Night temperature:
    – 3°

The sun is already lower as the narrow country road winds its way up and down the mountains. I feel in my element, steering our 7-tonner safely and passively over the Black Forest. “It was a great feeling hammering down the mountains on the e-bikes,” I say aloud, a thought that has just crossed my mind. “You mean in the mountains of China?” “Among other things. There were lots of mountains on our bike and e-bike tour from Germany to Thailand.” “That’s right, but why are you e-biking in the Black Forest?” wonders Tanja. “Hm, the serpentines have stimulated my thoughts. Here we ride the Terra carefully over the narrow roads and there we let our bikes hurtle into the valleys.” “But we weren’t unreasonable there either and slowed the bikes down at 60 km/h at the latest,” Tanja remembers. “It’s crazy what goes through your head when you have the chance to let your thoughts run free again,” I continue to ponder as the ascent gets steeper and steeper. The mountain road is bordered on both sides by dense forests. The winter sun casts its fiery rays through the silhouettes of the trees with a final burst of strength. We enjoy the ride in silence.

We are getting higher and higher. Suddenly everything is covered in a delicate, bright white. “Like in a fairytale forest,” says Tanja, filming the ride. Then the forest releases us and we recognize the Vosges, a low mountain range in eastern France with an altitude of up to 1424 metres. “Wow!” Tanja is thrilled by the indescribably beautiful view. We park the Terra so that we can enjoy the view over the clouds from the window. To make the most of the time before sunset, we dress warmly and pack a small rucksack to explore the mountain plateau of the Blauen. In an icy wind, we climb the iron observation tower and take a few pictures. “Is that Birgit down there?” asks Tanja, pointing to a person with a rucksack who is heading in our direction. When she spots us on the tower, she waves happily. “That’s her,” I reply. Birgit climbs the icy stairs of the tower. When we reach the top, we see each other live for the first time, as we had only known each other via Instagram. “So you really do exist,” she says with a laugh. We hug like old friends and chat a little. “Let’s go to the Terra. It’s much more comfortable there than here on the windy tower,” I suggest.

In the cozy warmth of our expedition vehicle, Birgit tells exciting stories about her time in Canada, where she worked as a journalist and blogger. Can I do an interview with you?” she asks after a while. “Of course,” we reply, whereupon Birgit places her recording device on the table and we record the first podcast of this trip.

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