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E-bike expedition part 3 China - Online diary 2015-2016

Itinerary change

N 40°53'16.1'' E 112°34'18.0''
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    Day: 113



    Latitude N:

    Longitude E:

    Total kilometers:
    9,772 km

    Maximum height:
    1.550 m

    Total altitude meters:
    5.145 m

    06:43 am

    5:46 pm

    Temperature day max:
    18 °C

    Night temperature:
    0 °C

    Total plate tires:

    Plate front tire:

    Flat rear tire:

    Plate trailer tire:


Because I can’t keep up with the notes due to the abundance of our experiences, we decided to stay here for a few days despite the approaching winter. Now that we’re already in a room and we won’t be thrown out again, maybe it’s a good decision. I use the time to write emails to the dyke company, which are answered immediately. The problem is apparently due to the dog trailer I modified. While still in Germany, I had constructed a roof rack on which I could load a 20 kg bag. Not really a problem as the dog trailer is specified with a load capacity of 80 kg. According to the embankment company, however, the slope of the roof girder generates shear forces that far exceed the permissible limits. This also exceeds the maximum trailer load of 6.5 kg on the coupling. As a result, enormous forces are exerted on the drawbar when braking, which has most likely bent as a result. The current plan is to bring the load on the roof rack into a horizontal position using my beloved camp chair. This means that there should no longer be any thrust forces. The tiller company will also build us a special heavy-duty tiller and then send it to China. We hope it works before our old drawbar breaks down.

We also spoke to Spring again on the phone. She said that parts of the Great Wall that we really want to see can be admired at Shanyin. As we don’t want to cycle into the capital because of the crazy traffic in Beijing and therefore won’t see the Great Wall there, Spring’s suggestion to cycle to Shanyin is tempting. The disadvantage, however, would be that we would have to travel 60 km back again. So exactly the route on the main road. Because Shanyin is located about 260 km south of Ulanqab, we had to abandon our previous itinerary. That would mean we will visit the cities of Hohhot, Batou and Bayanuur. “If I think about it carefully, the new rice route would be better. There are smaller roads for a long time, at least that’s what the map shows. We’ll also head south earlier and follow the Great Wall of China for almost 1,000 km to the city of Yinchuan,” I say. “Great, exactly to my taste,” says Tanja happily. Although turning back is bad for a cyclist, we decide to do so. Tomorrow we will tackle the new route. “I have a good feeling about it,” says Tanja. “Me too,” I confirm.

During the days at the Rui Tai Hotel, we are contacted by Bosch China. “Your 500 watt batteries are here. Where should I send them?” asks a young, extremely nice Chinese woman. In the course of the conversation, we explain to her what difficulties we have had with the hotels. “Can you find us a hotel in the city of Shanyin?” asks Tanja. “Of course. Would you like me to book that for you now?” “That would be wonderful. But please remember that our dog and the bikes have to come inside. The house also needs a license for foreigners,” Tanja reminds us. “No problem. I’ll book you something nice and send the batteries there.” It only takes five minutes and Lois has made a perfect hotel that accepts all our conditions. “The Bosch batteries will be waiting for you there. They are nice people. And if you want me to book you a hotel in the future or help you in any other way, I’ll be happy to do so,” Lois offers. “The Chinese are really unusually nice,” I say. “Hm, and maybe things will go better with the hotels in the future,” says Tanja confidently…

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