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Loaded up for Morocco


N 47°29'00.9" E 005°58'28.5"
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    Day: 003


    Schneckenhof in the Black Forest

    Latitude N:

    Longitude E:

    Kilometers per day:
    114 km

    Total kilometers:
    425 km

    1000 meters

    Travel time:
    03:15 hrs.

    Temperature day max:

    Night temperature:


    Arrival time:
    5:15 pm

At 9:00 a.m. we are still lying in our alcove. I look out of the skylight at the cloudy sky and think about the past year and the journey ahead. Somehow everything still feels surreal. “Are we really on the road again?” I ask myself. My eyes glide to the window at the foot of the bed. “Yes, you’re on the road again,” the KCT building shows me, my eyes falling on it. How long will it take this time for the mind and soul to feel free of constraints? Until the sensation of freedom pushes itself between the cells and happiness hormones are released? Will it really happen again like on past trips and expeditions? Somehow, society, politics, our home environment and everything that has happened since our last big tour has changed us. Am I still an adventurer at all? Or is the adventurer Denis history? Is it even possible to experience adventures with a camper van or expedition vehicle? “What kind of confusing thoughts are you having?” asks a voice in my head. “Of course you can also experience adventure with a vehicle. Adventure doesn’t depend on the means of transportation, but on what happens to you during a trip, where you are and what you do with your trip. Adventure is possible everywhere, even in your home country. It’s surprising that you question whether a trip through Europe to North Africa can be exciting, informative, interesting and adventurous. You don’t always have to sit on a horse, lead camels through a deadly desert, ride through India on an old motorcycle or travel through Nepal on an elephant. Just let yourself be surprised, let it flow, open your mental valves to let out the pent-up pressure of the last few years.Don’t build up self-produced barriers that hinder your mind and influence your thoughts. The real freedom you are looking for is in your head. You know that very well. You have experienced it many times, lived through it many times. Everything lies within you. You just need to blow away the dust that has settled over your self. Above all, it is important not to take the stress and all the work of the last few months with you on your journey.

Take your time, calm down first. It’s not vital to constantly fill your social media and shoot videos right now. The important thing is to find a balance. Less is more and slower is faster. That would be the best premise under which to start your journey,” I hear, spellbound. “What’s going on? Are you so quiet?” asks Tanja, who is lying next to me and also looking up at the sky through the skylight. “I was just listening to my own thoughts,” I say, still a little self-conscious. “Well, I hope they told you something sensible.” “Amazingly sensible. What do you say we start our journey on the premise that slower is faster and less is more?” I ask. “Great idea. I’m in,” Tanja replies with a laugh. “Shall we start the morning slowly and have brunch for breakfast?” she asks cheerfully. “Do we have the time,” I reply, also laughing.

It’s lunchtime when we say goodbye to Nicole and Achim. “If you want to see something of our beautiful Black Forest, you should use the small side roads to get to the French border,” suggests Achim. “Great idea,” I reply and enter the recommendation into the sat nav. We leave KCT behind us and drive under blue skies along narrow roads, through small towns and villages. “We don’t have a Moroccan travel guide with us,” Tanja interrupts the steady hum of the engine. “I didn’t manage to order one in the stress of preparation,” I add. “Maybe we can buy one here?” Tanja ponders. “Why not,” I reply, looking for a parking space while Tanja googles for a bookstore. “Do you have a Morocco travel guide?” asks Tanja, calling a few bookshops in the area. “There’s one more,” replies a friendly voice. 10 minutes later, I park the Terra Love in the center of a village. Because we are in a no-parking zone, I stay in the cab. Meanwhile, Tanja hurries to the bookshop. It doesn’t take long before we are back on a small country road through the beautiful Black Forest.

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