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Book – WILD FREEDOM – Part 1

Book – WILD FREEDOM – Part 1

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15 months at the beginning of the world. Horse adventures in Mongolia

Book description

After riding our bikes 15,000 km from Germany to Mongolia, we reached Genghis Khan’s kingdom.

Detached from time and space, we experienced boundless horizons, spontaneous, deeply felt joy, people who wanted to get their hands on us and who were well-disposed towards us, and incredible adventures, which we report on in this book.

Our dream was to ride our own pack and riding horses across the Mongolian highland steppe to the Siberian border to spend an Arctic winter with the last reindeer nomads on earth living there. We would never have thought that the 1,500 km ride to the reindeer nomads would catapult us into a completely foreign, sometimes hostile, but fascinating world.

Our small expedition stretched along the Khuvsgul Nuur, the country’s largest freshwater lake, rode through swamps, mountain forest steppes and overcame the 3,000-metre-high Khoridol Saridag snow mountains. On the other side of the mountain range, winter surprised us with temperatures of minus 35 °C. Trapped in a huge labyrinth of half-frozen lakes, we tried to escape the daily falling temperatures. In order to survive, we had to reach our interim destination, the remote village of Tsagaan Nuur, before the thermometer dropped to minus 55 °C.

A thrilling, highly informative book in which the adventurers take the reader into a strange and extreme world that will not exist in this form for much longer.

Real adventure right down to the last line.

Mother Earth is alive!

A self-contained story

15 months at the beginning of the world – horse adventure through Mongolia

Text: Denis Katzer
Photography: Denis Katzer and Tanja Katzer
Publisher: Books on Demand
428 pages
26 color illustrations
102 black and white illustrations
3 maps

Printed on acid-, wood- and chlorine-free paper.
Paper from responsible sources (FSC) Paperback with protective finishing.
Release date: Fall 2013

ISBN: 978-3-8482-6972-3

Original edition 29,90 € plus
Packaging & shipping costs

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