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Diary of an expedition dog 2015-2017

Traveling more comfortably in a caravan / Diary of an expedition dog

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I could hardly wait to tell my buddy Henkie, from across the street, about the absolute mega-brand-new-super-development. “Imagine my friend, I’m going with Tanja & Denis to Siberia, Mongolia and China, oh what am I saying, around the world. I’m an expedition dog!” Henkie looks at me with his friendly brown eyes: “You know, amigo, you need a caravan.” Henkie originally grew up in Spain and was then adopted by Tanja & Denis’ Dutch neighbors. Looks like his Dutch family has already exerted a lot of influence on him. “Amigo, I know the street and life out there. You’ll be glad if you have somewhere to retreat to, a warm bed, shade and a roof over your head. I don’t even want to think about your sore paws! You’ve lived your whole life like a maggot in bacon, you get only the finest food and even get a blow-dry after a walk when you’re wet and dirty! My little one, you’ll thank me when you’re lying in your caravan and can relax!” What Henkie has to say makes me think. Now I just have to convince my humans to buy a caravan for me, it doesn’t have to be with curtains…

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