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Rehab Center Valznerweiher

What does a rehabilitation center have to do with expeditions and adventure?

I met Denis Katzer shortly after we opened. Naturally, he came to the rehabilitation center as a patient and his goal was to undertake the longest documented expedition in human history. I knew his knee, his physical condition and his goals. So we very quickly had a common goal. We have succeeded. The therapy worked and Denis is still doing “competitive sport” today. The contact has never been broken off and we have always been able to welcome Denis and Tanja and our rehabilitation center.

The aim of physiotherapists and sports physiotherapists is to support athletes, look after them, enable them to perform at their best and be there for them. However, our philosophy is also to help patients to help themselves and to bring our patients to “active” therapy. You have to do something for your own well-being, health and performance. Work on something and have goals in mind.

This is also the reason why we support these two top athletes and their project. They have a goal, their life’s work. And we are delighted to be able to help them. Because, as always in sport, you can no longer go it alone. The “team” is in demand. And if we can be a small part of this big “Mother Earth” team, we are happy to do so.

About Rehazemtrum Valznerweiher

When we opened our rehabilitation center at the Valznerweiher, the training ground of FC Nuremberg, in 1990, we set ourselves the goal of providing care and support for recreational and competitive sports. Numerous sports teams and individual athletes have been our patients ever since. Whether it’s the footballers of FCN 1, the Ice Tigers from Nuremberg, the handball ladies of FCN 1, the wrestlers of Johannis Nuremberg or even individual athletes such as tennis and golf professionals. Everything is in our practice. We have also looked after the German men’s national volleyball team from the very beginning. We currently have 14 physiotherapists, masseurs and sports instructors working on our patients’ recovery.

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