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Loaded up for Morocco

Nadja (66), mother of six children, travels alone through Europe and Morocco in a camper van.

N 32°43'33.0" W 009°02'37.6"
image description

    Date: 06.10.2023

    Day: 307

    Camp: 60

    Country: Morocco

    Location: Camping Laguna Park Qualidia

    Latitude N: 32°43’33.0″

    Longitude W: 009°02’37.6″

    Total kilometers: 7534 km

    Height 50 meters

    Temperature day max: 36 °

    Night temperature: 17°

Nadja is traveling alone with her dog through North Africa and says: “The world is made up of people, roads and animals. Whether I’m driving around Europe or here in Morocco, it doesn’t matter.”

“Where do you get the courage from?” asks Tanja. “It doesn’t require a lot of courage, but curiosity. I find the different exciting and am looking forward to this country. I’m retired, free and enjoying my life.”

Nadja talks about her life, about how she raised her six children as a single mother alongside her job. She talks about how she drives through the traffic circle, how people accept her, about freestanding, about fears, gut feelings, traveling with a dog, traveling with an e-bike, the dog trailer, getting older, motivation, the helpfulness of the camper scene and much more.

Watch the video and let it motivate and inspire you.
Here is the link to the video:

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