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Illustrated book – THE GREAT JOURNEY

Book Description
This book is a rarity and only available in limited quantities.

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With a foreword by the famous Austrian mountaineer, explorer, geographer and author Heinrich Harrer. His best-known work is the bestseller Seven Years in Tibet.

With this book, Denis Katzer donated DM 10,000 to the Society for Threatened Peoples at the time. This money was used to support the oppressed population of Tibet.

To the limits of the self
On foot through the desert of death
the notorious Taklamakan in western China.

The spirits determine life
By jeep through Madagascar
With death breathing down your neck
On a camel through Pakistan

DIE GROSSE REISE tells of very real adventures and an extremely unusual traveling life at the turn of the millennium. It is one of the great expeditions, the likes of which have not been seen since Marco Polo’s time, and is now regarded as one of the longest expeditions of this century.
The adventure that began for Denis Katzer and his wife Tanja back in 1991 in Germany and will end one day, perhaps in 15 years’ time, in South America, takes them around the world.

In their search for other worlds, Tanja and Denis only use traditional local means of transportation. The two expose themselves to extraordinary efforts and hardships when they cross the fascinating Taklamakan desert in eastern China on foot, ride their camels through wild Pakistan and discover the unknown, magical Madagascar on an adventure on dusty tracks.

The great journey
Photography and text Denis Katzer
Burgschmiet publishing house
176 pages
214 color pictures and 4 maps
Hardcover edition with dust jacket
ISBN: 3-932234-66-9

A beautiful, informative and captivating illustrated book about the extraordinary adventures of Tanja and Denis Katzer.

Original edition 39,90 € plus
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