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7000 km on foot through Australia

Book description
Down under with a desert ship

Great Barrier Reef. Sydney Opera House. Ayers Rock. Bondi Beach. Without a doubt, there is more than one good reason to travel to Australia. Adventurers Denis and Tanja Katzer also set out to discover the 5th continent – but far away from the usual tourist destinations

As part of their 30-year “Great Journey”, which they began in 1991, they spent four years traversing the endless expanses of the Australian outback. They marched 7000 kilometers on foot with their pack camels through Australia – first from south to north and then from west to east. They knew in advance that this trip would push them to their physical and mental limits. But what they then experienced was even more dramatic: 100 hours of non-stop rain: in the desert of all places, they were almost drowned by the worst rainfall since the weather in the Western Australian outback was recorded. They had to flee from a 1000-kilometer-long bushfire front for almost three months – but the destructive Cyclone Sam was almost worse. Only with a lot of luck were they able to escape its 50-kilometer eye, in which wind speeds of over 280 km/h prevailed.

The journey turned out to be a march through heaven and hell, during which they often thought they would not live to see the next day. However, the beautiful natural surroundings and incredible encounters with the extremely helpful locals made us forget all the hardships and reminded us what it is like to enjoy life to the full.

The illustrated text book with its fantastic photographs is a condensed and intensified extract of the best stories from their Red Earth Expedition.

7000 km on foot through Australia
– Text Denis Katzer
– Photography Denis Katzer and Tanja Katzer
– 144 pages
– 157 color photos
– 1 Maps
– QR codes for 19 films
– Format 22 x 29cm, bound. with dust jacket

ISBN: ISBN 978-3-7688-3886-3
Publisher: Delius Klasing Verlag, Bielefeld

29,90 € plus. Packaging & shipping costs.

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International television channels:
National Geographic used our film and image material to produce a film that was broadcast worldwide in 147 countries and 26 languages. 250,000,000 (250 million) people saw this movie during its first broadcast. The National Geographic program was repeated several times. In Australia, the TV stations Channel 9, Channel 31 Perth, and ABC and other TV stations, which we have not registered, broadcast several films about the Red Earth expedition.

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Sunday Times, West Australian, ADVOCATE Western Australia, THE GOOMALLING ENDEAVOUR, ADVOKATE Alice Springs, Morning Bulletin Rockhampten, Tomorrow Magazine, Townsville Press Agency, Sydney Press Agency, all of Australia’s daily newspapers reported on the expedition’s success.

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