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Why Goldwild supports the mission of Tanja & Denis Katzer

Tanja and Denis are adventurers, Goldwild loves the unusual, the extraordinary, the adventurous. Anyone who knows us knows that we are not like other agencies. This is probably one of the reasons why we immediately connected with them and enjoyed the task of supporting their adventure.

But there is something even more important: the two of them have a mission. Only those who have a mission can inspire others. They succeeded in doing the same with us. Tanja and Denis’ mission, what drives them on their adventure, is caring for our “Mother” Earth. We are happy to send this message around the world with our contribution.

It should be the goal of all of us to do a little less harm to the planet and help to leave something good behind. This is what drives the Katzers, from which they draw their energy, making them a role model for many, certainly for us.

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