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Brettschneider mosquito nets

Why do we work with Tanja and Denis Katzer?

Our aim is to use mosquito nets to keep disease-carrying insects away from humans and thus mechanically keep humans and mosquitoes away from each other. Only under extreme circumstances do we advocate and recommend the use of insecticides.

In contact with Tanja and Denis Katzer, we learn how respect for all living things, friendly interaction with different cultures and a life-enhancing approach to oneself can be practiced even on extreme journeys during the 15 months in Mongolia, the fifth stage of the Trans-East expedition.

We are delighted to support their project THE GREAT JOURNEY: the two have already covered 444,000 km on the back of camels, horses or elephants. They are currently traveling TRANS-EAST by bicycle, horse and elephant from Germany to Burma.

“Our journey wants to help remind people that there are other things besides work, supposed obligations, chasing after money, the stressed panting of the manager, that are far more worth living for…..”

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