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Book – WILD FREEDOM – Part 2

Book – WILD FREEDOM – Part 2

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15 months at the beginning of the world. Wintering with the last reindeer nomads in Mongolia

Book Description:

The destination of our expedition was the last Tuvan reindeer nomads in Mongolia. In this book we report on the adventurous and simple life with the nomads, in which the slightest wrong decision – a single step off the mark – can end fatally. And yet it is an existence that is worth living to the very last second.

Even reaching Tuva was difficult. The reindeer nomads live in the taiga, a region of northern Mongolia that is difficult to access. On the other side of the 3,000 meter high Khoridol Saridag snow mountains, not far from the Siberian border, where lichen provides food for the nomadic reindeer, we met the Tuwa in their winter camp.

We asked for their hospitality. We were the first Europeans to spend an entire winter with these indigenous people in our own tipi. At temperatures of minus 50 °C, the Arctic winter froze life. The lonely days and nights, the howling of the wolves, blizzards, earthquakes and pure survival as well as life with archaic rites and customs became both a challenge and an enrichment for us.

In spring, before the ground mutated into a treacherous, impassable quagmire, we set off again with our horses to begin the 1,500 km return journey. Horse thieves, daily violent thunderstorms and the extraordinary continental climate with 40 °C in the shade were just a small part of the constantly changing challenges. Without a doubt an expedition at the limit of what is humanly possible, bundled with depth and great respect for our Mother Earth.

A captivating book in which the adventurers manage to be accepted as full members of the tribe of the last remaining original reindeer nomads.

Pure, unadorned adventure, exciting and authentically told.

Mother Earth is alive!

A self-contained story.

15 months at the beginning of the world – Wintering with the last reindeer nomads in Mongolia .

Text Denis Katzer
Photography Denis Katzer and Tanja Katzer
Publisher: Books on Demand
560 pages
21 color illustrations
110 black and white illustrations
3 maps

Printed on acid-, wood- and chlorine-free paper.
Paper from responsible sources (FSC)
Paperback with protective finishing.
Release date: Spring 2015
ISBN: 978-3-8482-7020-0

Original edition 29,90 € plus
Packaging & shipping costs

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