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By bike from Russia via Kazakhstan to Siberia

Book Description:
As part of their 40-year expedition “The Great Journey”, Tanja and Denis Katzer are now continuing their great cycling adventure in western Russia. Your route:

25,000 km by bike from Germany to Austria, via Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Ukraine, the Crimean peninsula, western Russia and Kazakhstan to Siberia, on horseback to the reindeer people in Mongolia, onwards by bike through the land of Genghis Khan, then through China and finally on an elephant through Myanmar.

Her experiences are profound, often poignant and make the reader think. In their latest book, which is entertaining, often exciting, insightful and always interesting, Tanja and Denis Katzer talk about their cycling trip from western Russia, through the vastness of the Kazakh steppes and southern Siberia. On this third stage of the Trans-East expedition, which was planned to last a total of five years, they crossed lonely national borders and cycled for weeks past gigantic wheat fields that stretch as far as the horizon and whose irrigation drains the life from the rivers. Dilapidated and run-down ghost villages stood in contrast to the billion-dollar fantasy city of Astana, which rises like a mirage from the flat marshland. But they were also captivated by the impressive solitude and seeming endlessness of Kazakhstan, which they christened the Land of the Wind.

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They experienced almost legendary hospitality, spending the night in run-down accommodation (gastinizas), in monasteries, with locals and in their own tents. Although their bikes and trailer weigh up to 130 kilograms, they were forced to cover more than 120 kilometers on some days. The two extreme cyclists were constantly exposed to the adversities of the capricious weather: In the treeless, dry Kazakh steppe, they had to endure 45 degree heat, water shortages, over 3,000 kilometers of unconditional headwinds, violent summer thunderstorms and the foothills of the Ural Mountains. The contrast to this was the constant rain of southern Siberia, with always wet clothes, ticks, mosquitoes and a dense, low-lying wall of cloud that seemed to suck the country into itself and announced the approach of winter with nightly sub-zero temperatures.

Nevertheless, every day was a gift for Tanja and Denis. They also experienced enchanting sunsets, nocturnal concerts by the many steppe birds, colorful seas of flowers and fragrant grasslands, made extraordinary friendships and became one with Mother Earth.

What an instructive and profound message is contained in this book: food for our brains and our minds.

“It’s a fantastic world we live in, a world full of secrets to be discovered.” Denis Katzer

By bike from Russia via Kazakhstan
to Siberia
– Photography and text Denis Katzer & Tanja Katzer
– Publisher: Books on Demand
– 368 pages
– 58 full-format color pages
– 116 black and white illustrations

Printed on acid-, wood- and chlorine-free paper.
Paperback with protective finishing.
ISBN: 978-3-8370-3893-4

Original edition 29,90 € – plus
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