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By bike from the Black Sea to the Volga

Book Description:
As part of their 40-year expedition “The Great Journey”, Tanja and Denis Katzer continue their cycling adventure in Romania. Your route:

25,000 km by bike from Germany to Austria, via Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Ukraine and Russia to Siberia, on horseback to the reindeer people in Mongolia, onwards by bike through the land of Genghis Khan, then through China and finally on an elephant through Myanmar.

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In their exciting and insightful book, Tanja and Denis Katzer report on their cycle tour from Romania to western Russia. The two adventurers cycled from Bucharest to the Black Sea on the second stage of their five-year planned Trans-East expedition. After following the Danube 2,700 km to its mouth, they opened up little-known Moldavia for themselves. Dilapidated roads and towns, the hottest summer for 100 years, endless hills, helpful and friendly people and a month-long stay in an Orthodox monastery left unforgettable memories. They made the unpleasant acquaintance of the small country of Transnistria, which is not recognized by any state in the world, survived many life-threatening kilometers of cycling on Ukrainian freeways, crossed the beautiful Crimean peninsula and cycled between the Black and Azov Seas to Russia. Annoying registrations, 2,000 km of extreme easterly winds, the Volga, vast landscapes and the warmth of the most diverse people gave them a deep insight into the largest country on earth, today’s Russia.

The entertaining, often humorous, varied, exciting and informative narrative provides authentic insights into Eastern Europe today. A captivating book – not just for cyclists!

By bike from the Black Sea to the Volga
– Photography and text Denis Katzer & Tanja Katzer
– Publisher: Books on Demand
– 396 pages
– 49 full-format color pages
– 120 black and white illustrations

Printed on acid-, wood- and chlorine-free paper.
Paperback with protective finishing.
ISBN: 978-3-8334-7557-3

Original edition 29,90 € plus
Packaging & shipping costs

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