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Book Description:

“As far as the battery lasts”
Electrifying pair run

Man is an inventor by nature. And an adventurer by nature. No sooner has one person invented something than another turns it into a masterpiece. E-bikes, for example, have not been around that long. And there are already two of them driving it through Mongolia and China

“As far as the battery lasts”: Tanja and Denis Katzer describe their adventure tour by e-bike through Mongolia and China in this book of stories from Delius Klasing Verlag, accompanied by wonderful pictures. It’s a very unusual kind of pair run, actually a threesome, because Ajaci the dog is also involved. The whole thing is not a fixed idea, but part of a large, ambitious project that, in all modesty, amounts to “the longest documented expedition in human history”.

And it starts in Nuremberg and leads first of all to Moscow. This is where the Trans-Siberian Railway starts on its long journey through Siberia. After 5,647 km it reaches Ulan Ude behind Lake Baikal. There they get on their e-bikes (with trailers for equipment and dogs) and ride through Mongolia and on through central China to Hekou.

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So much for the bare facts. In contrast, the report of this cycle tour through a world that is completely foreign to us Central Europeans is full and impressive. There are these incomparably beautiful landscapes with their bizarre solitude. There are people with their completely different ways of life in the high-tension field between millennia-old traditions and an overwhelming modernity. But there are also the challenges and risks, the extreme weather conditions, exotic road conditions and countless other imponderables. The power supply for the e-bikes in the remoteness, the Chinese smog and the inevitable breakdowns in the sometimes bitter cold are all part of it. You have to grit your teeth, improvise and carry on driving at some point. Short and sweet: a captivating report about a fascinating journey full of great photos!

By e-bike through Mongolia and China

224 pages
132 color photos
Format 23 x 15.5 cm (bound)

Euro (D) 22.90 / Euro (A) 23.60
ISBN 978-3-667-11056-5

Delius Klasing Publishers, Bielefeld

22,90 € plus. Packaging &
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