Greece 1991

The land of the gods – our gate to the big wide world

By train from Nuremberg to Kufstein, and across the Brenner to Bologna and Ancona, and then by ferry over to Athens: that was the beginning of our adventure.

We did not realise at that point that we would still be on our way 13 years later, and that our plans of travelling around the world for five years would turn into a lifetime expedition.

For us Greece was the best stimulation for our new way of life, and symbolizes the first step of our journey around the world.


Greece 1991

From Nuremberg to Kufstein, then passing over the Brenner to Bologna and Ancona, all by train, followed by a ferry crossing to Athens – this is the beginning of Tanja and Denis Katzer’s joint adventure, the Great Journey. The Land of the Gods is one of the first stations of the two adventurers on their Great Journey.