Since 2001, SUUNTO supports Tanja & Denis Katzer. Why?

"Hello, my name is Denis Katzer, I would like to get to know you personally and talk to you about supporting my job." A telephone call like so many before the outdoor fair. And like so many dates burst with Tanja and Denis in Businesstrubel. But when we finally met on the third day of the fair I could not get out of my goosebumps at all. The photos of the many adventures, the twinkling in the eyes of the two narrators, the incredible stories and the scrupulousness with which the adventures were carried out, made me a 9-to-5 office junkie out of my business rut. We at Suunto are glad that there are such people as Tanja and Denis Katzer. Because through their stories and their dedication many people realize that we are allowed to live on a fascinating blue planet. And if we can support the two on the big journey, then we like to do that.
You should not only rely on your luck where you both venture, but with the best equipment and a clear mind to watch the adventures in the face. If the Suunto sports instruments can help, we are proud of it.

In the wild, or better in the wild, nothing should be left to chance. That's why SUUNTO has been building precise sports instruments for orienteering, mountaineering, diving, sailing, golfing, skiing and training for more than 60 years. Whether it's the world's first liquid-filled compass, a mountain climbing gauge or a GPS device on the wrist, all SUUNTO products provide answers to the crucial questions: Where am I? Where are we going? How far is it? Am I on the right path? Do not rely on your luck alone! Then you can enjoy the outdoors much more relaxed.