Brettschneider Mosquito nets

Why we work together with Tanya and Denis Katzer

For years now, our goal has been to keep disease-carrying insects away from humans in a mechanical manner through the use of mosquito nets. Only under extreme circumstances, do we approve and recommend the use of insecticides.

To experience and respect all living beings during extreme travelling adventures, the friendly involvement with different cultures and living a conducive life with one’s self, this is what we experience while in contact with Tanja and Denis Katzer.

We are more than happy to support their project: The Great Journey. The two of them have completed 300.000 km on the backs of camels, horses, elephants, on foot or by common transport. Actually they are travelling TRANS-EAST with their bicycles from Germany to Burma.

“Our experiences also help to remind people that there are other, more important things that make life worth living, besides their work, their alleged obligations, their chase after money, the stressed panting of a manager…."