We look forward to working with Tanja and Denis Katzer. Why?

Live your dreams and don’t dream your life. We do not know any couple where this applies better than to the Katzers. The spirit of adventure, curiosity and professionalism are only one side of the coin. What we particularly admire and support is the proximity and love for our planet earth. According to rumour – we may only have one mother earth – and we all need to be more careful with her as the possibility to swap for a new one is not going to be an option.

The concept of sustainability forms a bridge between MAGURA and the Katzers. Our product range is designed and built to last – the HS33 brake is a perfect example – long lasting performance can offer long lasting customer satisfaction while the planet benefits. In our throw away world MAGURA strives to ensure that our products are never thrown away. That is our passion and that forms a bond between us and the Katzers.

MAGURA is a company situated in the south west of Germany in the town of Bad Urach. In existence since 1893 and famous for it’s hydraulic know-how this company is legendary in bicycle circles. Over many years the range of rim and disk brakes from the “Passion People” is the choice for insiders in the bike branch.
“Made in Germany” still has value and over 600.000 brakes are produced annually in the new production facility situated in the beautiful hills of the Schwabian Alb. Millions of brakes have been produced since it all began in 1987 and it is good to know that german quality is still valued worldwide. The stoppers from MAGURA are guaranteed for 5 years. Suspension and racing bicycle brakes round out the bicycle product range and offer performance built to last.