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Why Bosch eBike Systems is supporting Tanja and Denis Katzer on the next stage of their journey…

Tanja and Denis Katzer set great store, on their exciting expeditions, by ecological and sustainable aspects. eBikes are eco-friendly and conserve resources; they make a valuable contribution toward a responsible relationship with our environment. That is one of the reasons why, on the next stage of their great journey, Tanja and Denis are crossing China on pedelecs, enjoying the independence, individuality and freedom that eBikes give them.

Electromobility is the future of travel. It has always been a key issue for Bosch eBike Systems because we contribute toward tomorrow’s mobility by developing fascinating and useful solutions. With our support we are literally giving their 15,000-kilometre trans-China trip that “extra boost.” We are convinced that the electric tailwind will make their journey a success. Why? Because eBiking is in keeping with the times, because it is comfortable, because it is versatile. And, last not least, because eBiking is simply fun.

Solar power for the eBike

In their ultimate endurance test the Katzers will be crossing the “Middle Kingdom” on heavily laden eBikes. Equipped with the latest Performance Line drive system, their eBikes will always provide the power that they need to cope confidently with this challenge. And solar panels on their trailers will ensure that the Katzers do not run out of “juice” en route.

We wish them a wonderful journey with numerous new impressions and are delighted to have gained in Tanja and Denis Katzer two new eBike ambassadors.

About Bosch eBike Systems

A new generation of bikes is taking town and country by storm and is already a part of everyday life. eBikes are a modern means of transport for modern people: people in a hurry and people who prefer to take it easy, the fit and the comfort lovers, commuters and pleasure cyclists and, of course, young and old. The tailwind of technology-leading eBikes made by what are already more than 50 leading brands in Europe is powered by components that Bosch is developing to perfection. The Bosch portfolio ranges from the highly efficient drive unit (motor and gearbox) and high-quality batteries to a smart on-board and cycle computer that can be used intuitively. Perfect coordination of components holds the key to typical Bosch performance in terms of both comfort and efficiency.

Like other Bosch products, the eBike systems benefit from the Bosch Group’s technology and production know-how. From conception and engineering to manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service, Bosch eBike Systems constantly set new standards for the eBike industry. The Bosch Group’s experience in the areas of electric motors, sensor technology, displays and lithium-ion batteries ensures that Bosch eBike systems use technology that is invented for life and that eBike users have their fun.