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Rapunzel Naturkost supports Tanja and Denis during their voyage. Why?

Because something very important connects us: healthy food and the well-being of “Mother Earth”.

These reasons provided – and still provide – the motivation for the foundation and the achievements of Rapunzel Naturkost.
Organic cultivation – product quality – sustainability – fair trade – environmental protection – are the cornerstones of our trade.

Tanja Katzer introduced herself to us at the BioFach trade fair in 2002. After talking with Marketing Director Heike Kirsten, she was very excited about the work of Rapunzel Naturkost. Tanja and Denis returned to the Rapunzel stand later that day for a presentation by Joseph Wilhelm. The founder and managing director of Rapunzel Naturkost had just returned from his 1,200 km long hike on the Camino de Santiago.

Maybe it was the special mixture of adventure and self-reflection that Joseph Wilhelm had experienced shortly before his trip that immediately connected the Katzers and the Rapunzel Naturkost boss – whatever it was, the cooperation between Tanja, Denis and Rapunzel Naturkost was decided right on the spot.

The extreme physical and mental performance that the two adventurers accomplish with natural nutrition are incentive for us at Rapunzel Naturkost and surely also for many customers of our organic products. Additionally, many people’s first contact with natural nutrition and organic food was initiated by Tanja and Denis.

What more can a sponsor wish for than a partner who represents his sponsor 100%?
With Tanja and Denis we have found such partners.

About Rapunzel Naturkost

Convincing and tasteful organic quality products!

For more than 35 years Rapunzel Naturkost has been dedicated to the cultivation and production of controlled organic food and the trade with organic food products. Today, Rapunzel Naturkost features a range of more than 400 controlled organic products, half of which are processed or manufactured in Legau.

*Today we are still committed to the original thought of manufacturing healthy, low-processed products. *

The people at Rapunzel Naturkost have high standards with respect to the organic quality of the raw materials and the quality of the finished products. In order to meet these requirements, Rapunzel Naturkost started the first project for dried fruit and nuts from controlled organic cultivation in Turkey.

Ever since supplier relations have been established with producers from developing countries, we pay special attention to the selected quality of organically cultivated products as well as the cooperation with out partners. For this reason we founded our HAND IN HANDproject that combines the concept of organic cultivation with fair trade conditions.

Guaranteed, long-term supplier relations offer our partners new opportunities and ensure our customers top organic quality. Today, the share of our fair trade products has reached approximately 20% with increasing tendency.

One of our guiding principle is the establishment of long-term, direct trade relations with numerous suppliers and producers of controlled organic products.

Such a long-term, sustainable subsistence strategy guarantees our customers convincing organic food quality