MARTIN Special Technics GmbH

Why MARTIN Special Technics GmbH supports Tanja and Denis Katzer on their "Great Journey"...

Tanja and Denis Katzers journey is a great inspiration to all nature lovers. With passion, the right spirit of adventure and extreme stamina they managed to overcome the most difficult routes without the comfort of modern life. After all these exertions we are happy to support them with a little bit of comfort for their future travels – Comfort that you can’t see...

With every additional device you will feel the VOLTSTAR comfort
Their expedition vehicle “Terra Love” was their first step to get a little more comfort on their off-road trips. When you think of comfort in combination with an expedition vehicle, you immediately think of comfortable seats, a cozy bed, enough space, fresh water, a shower and everything that makes life easier off-road.

With our Belt DRIVEN VOLTSTAR Generator you may now think about air conditioning, a coffee maker, a kettle or multiple sockets for charging all the electrical devices like batteries or even buffer storage and every additional device that you choose to take along. You don’t even have to worry, that there is no power outlet nearby. This is how you will feel the full VOLTSTAR Power!

Tanja and Denis Katzer have proven that a reliable power supply makes life easier off-road. No more worries about charging e-bike batteries, the camera battery or the laptop battery …

Why choose a VOLTSTAR System from MARTIN Special Technics GmbH?
Our power generation systems are mounted on the vehicle engine to save space. With a maximum of 30 kg they are lightweights compared to gasoline generators. With an output of up to 8 kW, our VOLTSTAR system ensures that the expedition vehicle becomes a rolling family home with a self-sufficient and reliable power supply of 230 volts, even while driving. Comfort like home!

About the company MARTIN Special Technics GmbH
The company was founded in 1998 by CEO Jörg Martin and since then has its core competence in mobile power generation and power supply. For high-quality and functional motorhomes, the systems of MARTIN Special Technics GmbH are a must-have! Especially in the field of expedition vehicles and expedition motorhomes, VOLTSTAR generator systems provide a reliable and, above all, permanent power supply and make longer journeys possible, completely independent of the power grid.