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Why Komperdell is supporting Tanja and Denis Katzer on the next stage of their journey…

New products - new partnerships
Because safety on the bike allows no compromises

Our brands are shaped from special people with a strong character and their very special personality, which is why we are particularly pleased about the cooperation with Denis and Tanja. We founded the market for modern protectors and have been leading the market in all areas for more than 20 years. During these more than 20 years we have developed and improved our protector system several times." Only the perfectly coordinated combination of protector and garment creates a real protector system that fits perfectly and does NOT have to make any compromises in safety and wearing comfort.

We are an Austrian manufacturer. Each of our products is developed from the first idea to the product ready for serial production in our main factory in Austria".
We wish Tanja and Denis good luck for the upcoming projects!