We at delta4x4 support Tanja and Denis on their big journey ...

... because something important connects us: the adventure of discovering the world. This insatiable desire led to the founding of delta4x4 almost 40 years ago. And to this day, we have set ourselves the task of optimizing all-terrain vehicles so that you can use them to advance into areas that would not be traversable without four-wheel drive.
The company "Bimobil", the Munich-based manufacturer of adventure motorhomes, urged us to support Tanja and Denis Katzer on their great adventure travel with their new long-distance mobile home - with reliable and off-road tires and one of the finest and most durable Forged aluminum wheels available on the market: the "delta Legacy Forged". We gladly accepted this invitation.

delta4x4 - all-wheel technology and equipment for the great adventures of our world

Since 1980 delta4x4 employees have been dedicated exclusively to the conversion of all-terrain vehicles: to make four-wheel-drive cars not only more efficient and more off-road, but also more attractive.
Even today, we are still committed to the original idea of ​​combining four-wheel drive and adventure.