SIStech AG

Why we from support the 30-years' expedition project "The Great Journey" by Tanja and Denis Katzer:

In the year 2017, we, Dominik and Corinne Kuriger took over the nearly 30 years old company SIStech AG. The field of mobile solar, battery and charging technology immediately interested and excited us. We personally love and live nature. Sustainable living is our future in today's times.

In 2018 we visited the big outdoor fair in Friedrichshafen for the first time.
On the 4th day of the fair Denis came to us at the booth with all his equipment, his e-bike, trailer and dog. He has been able to gain our interest right from the start, which you can understand immediately when you meet him for the first time and get to know him. His way of telling about his experiences is absolutely fascinating and you would like to hear more about it or preferably experience it live for yourselves. Our Earth needs such people as Denis and Tanja Katzer, as our planet and our cultures are the most valuable thing we have, and that's what the two of them state clearly in their books and documentations.

It would be a great pleasure to support Denis and Tanja with our products on their travels and we hope for a positive feedback.

About our company:
What do we do?
SIStech AG specializes in products for the three core areas:

• solar technology
• charging technology
• Battery technology

What do we want?
SIStech knows the problem of the power supply of mobile devices and electronics and wants to solve problems with new ideas. The products should be as simple and versatile as a Swiss Army knife.

In terms of quality SIStech understands primarily first-class quality and long-lasting products, but also expertise in advice and customer service. That's why we only work with distribution partners with the same thinking and attitude.

Our common goal: Satisfied and loyal customers.