Why is Lundhags supporting Tanja and Denis Katzer at their great journey...

Lundhags is supporting Tanja and Denis Katzer at their great journey because both share the vision of BRAV which is „Turning Dreams Into Memories“.

They both are an inspiration. They open up new horizons to thousands of people. “We all share the same planet” is their message to the world. Tanja and Denis are traveling as strangers and they become friends while meeting people.

Tanja and Denis encourage other people to reach out for the impossible to gain the possible by crossing their own limits.

“LOVE THE SEASONS” is driving Lundhags since 1932. Tanja and Denis have seen the seasons change all over the world – just as Lundhags.

Lundhags knows that Nordic climate puts great demands on products. From this Lundhags has learned what works and what doesn’t. Lundhags products are made to deliver full functionality and reliability at long journeys – worldwide, at different climate zones and at extreme conditions.

Lundhags is authentic, honest and sustainable. Tanja and Denis are sharing these values with Lundhags. That’s why Lundhags is proud to accompany Tanja and Denis at their great journey.