We at eBike-Maass support Tanja and Denis on their great journey.

Because the achievements of Tanja and Denis Katzer have some parallels to our own work and to their own values: the love for the bike, from which the love of the eBike has emerged, the love of nature, to cycling, the desire to go their own way, cooperation with strong selected partners - partners who guarantee absolute reliability of used technology and commitments.

Incidentally, we are in close proximity to Tanja and Denis - always eBike contact for individual cycling needs. Every eBike can be extensively tested by us - on request on a long eBike tour organized by us.

Our customers receive first-hand experience reports - from the pioneering years of eBike technology to today, where we can draw on our own wealth of experience and that of our customers. eBike-Maass is not a simple e-bike shop, but we live and love this pioneering culture from pioneering years and know manufacturers from regular visits to production sites. Customers count on our advice with highly personal eBike selection. We are very happy that we can also count Tanja and Denis among our partners.