Why we support Tanja and Denis Katzer

Since 1991 two great adventurers, Tanja and Denis Katzer, travel through the world, learning to know wonderful landscapes and great buildings, exotic animals and unique biotopes, alien cultures and a lot of challenging moments. As film makers, photographers and authors they spread out these experiences to us and our childs.

In our urbanized world, where original and natural places retrieve more and more value for man, we want to support their engagement. While they travel through the world we accompany them on a part of their long and beautiful way. With our visa service we assisted them several times with entry to e.g. China or Sri Lanka.

We wish Tanja and Denis Katzer all the best in reaching their final destination - „The big journey“- the longest documented expedtition in history of mankind. With every new route they take they amaze us as their mental conntected auditory and show us how wunderful our world is.

About Visumpoint

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With our headquarter in the heart of Berlin inbetween of 175 embassies of all the world's countries we are able to provide best communication and cooperation connections to the consulates. No time is to late, no order to complex, no way to long for us in serving our customers.

You find us manifold in the internet. We inform you monthly with a newsletter about changes in visa requirements, about embassy news, their holidays and important incidences in target countries, which could be relevant for your trip plannings. Please come visit us there !