PARACELSUS drs. Erwin Weijnen


Why do we support Tanja and Denis Katzer?

“One will have to travel upstream in order to find the well”

The first time we met Denis Katzer we were immediately enchanted by this remarkeble young man with sparkles in his eyes and a great dream. That was 25 years ago and we have been following him and his exeditions with great interest ever since.

Right from the start we had this very special bond and we always admired him for never seazing to realize his dreams and the high goals he had set himself. From the beginning on we sensed that he is a man with great respect of nature and that he is a man who is able to see an opportunity in every difficult situation. Althoug the first years of his expeditions he has been facing many difficulties he would not give up. It is exactly this determination with which he kept persuing his ideals and the conviction to never give up the goals he had set himself, which we admire Denis the most for.

Like Denis, it is our convition to constantly try to find new and better ways to realize our goals in true respect and harmony with nature.

Our most important goal is to determine way of treatment that will benefit our patients and at the same time reduce the negative side effects to a minimum. That is the reason why we are striving to find an individual traetment for every patient combining the benefits of both modern and traditional medicine.

We are very happy to have been of some support to Denis Katzer in realizing his expedtion “The big journey” and we wish him and his lovely wife Tanja all the best and lots of success!