About the cooperation between GDCdesign and Tanja & Denis Katzer

The great journey of Tanja and Denis Katzer, a project full of emotions, which I, as friend, was allowed to follow from the beginning, is so exceptional and has convinced me to bring close and convey all the stories and emotions about foreign countries and foreign peoples – recorded in a great variety of fantastic pictures to the general public.

About GDCdesign

Seize the day, the time in which we live and shape the future. The standard’s goal of our daily activities is to combine facts with creativity for our clients. There is no doubt that the creative exchange between economy and design gains more and more importance. Design is probably the most important factor to compete, as price and quality of products, services, etc. hardly guarantee a clear positioning in the market any more. So design – playing with shapes and colors – the use of pure emotions – is surely the most important factor for economic success in the competition.

The first steps have already been taken, but the future still holds many exciting, creative and emotional projects for us.
GDCdesign – Advertising – Interface between facts and fantasy