Why are Rohloff supporting Denis and Tanja Katzer’s latest expedition?

Tanja and Denis Katzer are on the road, continuing their 30 year expedition – nothing new here. Their new method of transport however is – an E-bike!

The new E-bike supplied by the legendary Darmstadt bicycle manufacturer ‘Riese und Müller’ will accompany the couple along the next stage of their journey. As is so often the case, choosing the correct transmission will be the key to maintaining forward momentum and so, in a constant effort to seek the highest quality components, the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 became the obvious transmission of choice – the 14 speed IGH has after all, long since been deemed the benchmark transmission for touring bikes. The company Riese und Müller have successfully worked in cooperation with the Rohloff AG for many years which has solidified consumer trust in the partnership. It is with this trust that we, just like other touring cyclists, set off on the next leg of our expedition.

It is almost a logical consequence of these parameters that has led to an almost automatic collaboration between Tanja & Denis Katzer and the Rohloff AG.

About Rohloff

A new decade in power transmission began back in 1996. As part of their 10 year anniversary celebrations at the IFMA show in Cologne, the company Rohloff unveiled its latest offering – The SPEEDHUB 500/14.

The idea had been ‘maturing’ quite a while back at the Rohloff HQ, but it took many years to finally get their newest creation onto the market. The first SPEEDHUB 500/14s were finally delivered to their patiently waiting owners in spring 1998. The idea behind the IGH was as simple as it was effective:- having established that the modern derailleur transmission had almost reached perfection, that no further significant improvements would be fore coming, the idea of SPEEDHUB was hatched. A system should be developed, which combines the advantages of the derailleur transmission (low weight, high efficiency, large overall range), but at the same time eliminates the disadvantages (high maintenance, strong sensitivity to dirt, fast wear). These goals were met with the realization of the SPEEDHUB 500/14.

The SPEEDHUB 500/14 has to date been in production over 15 years and sold to almost every country in the world. From its debut in 1998 to present day, the number of cyclists relying upon this proven German technology has continued to rise.

Currently more than 200,000 cyclists around the world cycle with a Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 and from 2004 to this day, both Tanja and Denis Katzer can count themselves among them. This importance of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB is again reflected the in the touring bike sector. More and more cyclists are turning to the SPEEDHUB 500/14 IGH and the benefits are obvious:- In addition to the above mentioned benefits, the SPEEDHUB 500/14 cyclist can dispense with the need to carry heavy spare parts (weight savings plays a huge role when planning a long expedition) and enjoy the ability to keep going for longer due to a greatly reduced level of required maintenance.

In short, the SPEEDHUB 500/14 offers the ability for a cyclist to do exactly that – to cycle.