Why We work together with Tanya and Denis Katzer

Denis and Tanja walk their own line, they don‘ t run after the mainstream – they dare to look to all sides and they even dare the leap in the dark.

By this, they are always searching new personal, interior challenges. They don’t have only a vision, they live and create it – the 30 years journey – the journey of life. Three years ago, I met Denis at the Eurobike Fair. We had time for long talks, affected by sympathy and appreciation. We’ve tied a ribbon – that maybe will become a rope one day. I’ll be ready to hold it, to keep the 30 years journey vision grounded. My vision is the BENPACKER, never before I’ ve been caught by a theme so deeply. As artist and now as inventor and designer of an entirely own idea, the BENPACKING as a new way of travelling, I want to set a milestone in modern travelling culture. To follow this, I can’t be geared on existing structures – I have to find my own way.

At the beginning, there was a “Rucksack-Trailer” – now the BENPACKER has developed to a professional transport system for outdoor activities, but I haven’t reached the end of my journey yet and I hopefully will never do.
Dear Tanja, dear Denis, I wish you all the best for your great 30 years journey. It is great to have the possibility to be your partner on your journey – from near beside and from far away