Triumph Global Sales AG


Since 1999 we support the great journey of Tanja & Denis Katzer. Why?

As an international corporation, Triumph International supports Tanja and Denis Katzer's Great Journey with our products, because we consider it a good idea and a meaningful enterprise. In addition, this project, as in competitive sports, depends on perfect products that do the maximum for the wearer.
About Triumph International

Triumph International is one of Germany's leading sports bras and sportswear manufacturer. No brand has more competence in what women want to wear right on their skin.

Triaction ®, the sports program from Triumph, contains all our decades of experience: perfect grip, optimal fit, highest wearing comfort.

No wonder Triumph with triaction ® is the official outfitter of the German Ladies Olympic Team. In addition, official outfitter of the German Athletics Association and the German National Athletics National Team.
All triaction ® are tested for their clothing physiological properties. At triaction ®, the seal of approval of the "Fördergemeinschaft körperverträglicher Textilien e.V. Denkendorf" ensures optimal skin compatibility.