SONNENTOR Kräuterhandelsgesellschaft mbH


SONNENTOR is supporting Tanja and Denis on their amazing trip!

At the BioFach expo 2006, Tanja and Denis visited the SONNENTOR booth and they were keen to tell us about travelling plans they had made. Although the noise at the busy expo made it difficult to hear, it only took a few minutes and we were captivated by their story – we felt as if we were going with them on their exciting journey…

Their vivid descriptions and optimism were the foundation for an instant connection with Tanja and Denis, and their keenness for our SONNENTOR products ultimately led us to support them on their adventure.

We look forward to hearing from them – how they enjoyed their travels and our teas, spices, soups and snacks.

Harmony is the key to this cooperation. Harmony is also our philosophy when working together with nature and it is the secret ingredient that is packed into every SONNENTOR product.

Here at SONNENTOR, we firmly believe that nature holds the best recipes for a fulfilled and long life. It is what we work for and what we live by every day. We also believe that organic farming is the only alternative to the ever-increasing problems of monoculture and over-production. The neverending circle of life is our basic principle, and mutual respect and appreciation are essential for fruitful and fair long-term cooperation. Everything needs to be in balance.

Close your eyes and transport yourself to the Waldviertel region. Here, in the quiet north of Austria, we blend wonderful herbs for your tea – beautifully fragrant leaves and blossoms which develop their delicious aromatic flavours in your teacup. Little wonders of nature collected for you to enjoy.

Sonnentor is setting the table for you with an abundance of wonderful delicacies, each one lovingly made by nature.

It will take some time to try all of SONNENTOR’s natural treasures, but trust us: every minute will be pure enjoyment!