Why we support the 30-year expedition project "The Great Journey" by Tanja and Denis Katzer since 1999:

"Maniacs" meet again and again - so we thought when we learned about the plans of Tanja and Denis Katzer. In the meantime we have learned that while it is an incredible, exciting adventure, the actors know very well what to do in special situations. It is exciting for us how our satellite phone proves itself under sometimes extreme conditions and how it survives the hard work. In extreme cases, a life can depend on the communication.

GESAT mbh is an independent engineering company and deals with satellite communication, special electronics (outdoor notebooks, encryption, etc. ..)

In the field of satellite communications, we are doing business with the
Hardware and related walkthroughs over the past 20 years
become one of the leading providers. From the simple satellite phone to the
complete, mobile facility for image coverage in television
we have the right solution for every problem. This was the first ever
in German television broadcast Videophone report from a war zone
transmitted from one of our plants (from Afghanistan Dirk
Sager and Uwe Kröger live on ZDF). Also in recent history in the
ZDF or RTL sent contributions from Libya and Japan were about this
Technology sent.

But even the "normal" world traveler can with our cheap
Satellite modem at any time on the Internet pick up his e-mails and answer
or make calls worldwide using a satellite phone.