Leki Lenhart GmbH


Why do we support Tanja and Denis Katzer?

Denis and Tanja have such a great, bright and positive charisma which infects everybody. They show so much respect to foreign cultures and people. That is great to see. They do long term tests with our products in extreme areas. We are happy, that our products meet the demands of Denis and Tanja. We got many great and positive product feed backs from them. There are a lot of parallels between the philosophy of Tanja and Denis and the LEKI philosophy. We wish them all the best, lots of energy and health that they can continue to follow their challenges and dreams.

About LEKI

LEKI products are developed and designed in Germany. In Czech Republic we manufacture our poles in our own facilities using the latest non-polluting technologies.

With much passion and highly skilled employees, who have the experience of many years within the company, LEKI is working to produce absolutely perfect products. Our priority is to unite safety and comfort with an attractive design. The results are intelligent and sophisticated products giving pleasure and reliability to their users for many years.

LEKI is the worldwide market leader in pole and glove systems