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They call me a Wolf / Diary of an Expedition Dog

Me in the Gobi Desert.


The time had come again, we were back at the train station, as soon as we came to the station. Obviously, my people (Denis and Tanja) trembled, hoping that the trip would work this time. As for me, I was very confident about my part, as my food was in place. As Tanja hurried herself though the compartment with me, the conductor shouted, “Wolf!” I turn around to see whether I could spot another four-legged friend so that I could have a travel companion. But then I realised that it was meant for me!!!

Well… to be described as a Wolf is certainly not a bad thing… So I immediately took it as an impression that the guy liked me. Later on this trip I learnt that a lot of people called me a Wolf. I was already curious as to how it would be in Siberia. Maybe I would meet a few more Wolf colleagues!

Now, nothing could stand in the way of our trip to Moscow. The compartment was big enough for the three of us and I found it to be super comfortable too. It became a tad bit uncomfortable when the two custom officers (which by the way were girls) from Belarus entered the compartment. Had I asked Denis, he’d have said that both of them were pretty as a portrait!! It was nice; only not for me, as I had to put on the muzzle… And that was something I highly disliked. Later, in the middle of the night, one more lady came in to check my European vaccination records. Everything was clear, the new stamp of the official veterinarian helped for a relaxed entry.

Phew!!! I was soo glad to be travelling with my people to Moscow! The constant rattle of the train made me sleepy. My world was fine again...

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