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Its more comfortable travelling in a Caravan / Diary of an expedition dog

I in the desert Gobi

I could not wait to tell my buddy Henkie, who stayed opposite, about the absolute Mega-Brand-New-Super-Development. I told him, "Imagine my friend… I’ll travel with Tanja and Denis to Siberia, Mongolia and China and I’ll shout out to the world that I am a dog on an expedition!" Just then, Henkie looked at me with his friendly brown eyes and said, "You know Amigo, you need a caravan."

Henkie originally grew up in Spain and was later adopted by Tanja & Denis’s Dutch neighbors. It seemed like his Dutch family had already rubbed a good influence on him. Expressing his concern, he said, "Amigo, I know the street life out there. There you are glad if you have a retreat, a warm bed, shadow and a rain cover over your head. And I do not even want to think about your wounded paws! You have lived your life like the maggot in the bacon, frequently food from the finest to the extent that your people even bathe you and blow dry you when you get wet and dirty after the walk! My little one, believe me, when you lie in your caravan and relax, you will be grateful to me!"

Henkie’s speech made me ponder, over the fact that I should now try and convince my people to buy a caravan for me... even if it is without curtains…

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