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Nuts instead of hotel


We would like to rest in the pretty provincial town of Ningshan a little longer. However, the scanty time and still 650 kilometres lying before us, up to the city of Chengdu, admonish us to the haste. Huang Cheng, the owner of the hotel in we spent the night, drives us with his folding bike ahead to show us the shortest way out of town. „Here it goes long“, he says us friendly smiling interpreting. "Zaijian", (goodbye) we say goodbye. He waves "Bu ke qi", (with pleasure)

After 106 day kilometres we already reach at 04:00 p.m. the small village Jinshuizhen. We ask whether it gives here generally an overnight stay possibility. "Nar" (there) a boy says just passing by with his ox and indicating to the village. We turn back and let our bikes roll on the narrow, rough street in the centre of the village. „Binguan dsai na-li?“, (Where is the hotel?) I ask two women sitting in front of their shop. "Mei you", (have not) flabbergasted me the answer. „They have me misunderstood“, I imagine and ask once more: „Binguan zai na-li?“ (Where is the hotel?) "Mei you", (have not) the woman gives the same answer. „I do not believe it. They say it gives here no hotel“, I say to Tanja, she watches me smiling during I try in vain to find out the location of the hotel. „Biiiinguaaan?“, I accent the word differently. „Mei you“, the woman remains stubborn. „Biinnngggguan?“, I accent the word once more changing. Both women look amused to each other. „Binguuuannn?“, I do not surrender. Now one of the both storekeepers gets up and disappears in the shop next door, moments later she comes back and passes to me a few strangely looking nuts. „What does this have to do then?“, I ask completely bewildered. Apparently I have asked with my bad pronunciation constantly for something what there is not here. And that I finally ease she has brought me a few nuts. Or I have asked in my nescient constantly for these nuts? I fancy figuratively like it must have sound for the two women: „Where are here the nuts?“ „There are non.“ „Where are here the nuts?“ „Here are no nuts.“ „Nuuuuts?“ „There are non.“ „Nuuts?“ „We do not have.“ „Nuuuts?“ „She has given me nuts“, I say to Tanja she explodes from laughter loudly. Now both women must also laugh strongly. „Binguan dsai na-li?“, now I ask for the x-time. This time it seems my pronunciation was a little better because the two ladies interpret the street down. "Xie xie", I thank laughing. Really there is a house which does not look though like a hotel, however, they call it as such

The live reporting is supported by the firms Gesat GmbH: www.gesat.com and roda computer Ltd http://roda-computer.com/ The satellite phone Explorer 300 from Gesat and the rugged notebook Pegasus RP9 from Roda are the supporting columns of the transmission.


Day: 234




Latitude N:

Longitude E:

Daily kilometer:

Total kilometer:

The crow kilometer:

Average speed:
21.5 km/h

Maximum speed:
53.1 km/h

Driving time:
4:54 h

Ground quality:
Asphalt / gravel

Maximum height:
1.100 m

Complete height meter since tour start:
20.922 m

Height meter of the day:
1000 m

07:30 a.m.

06:34 p.m.

Temperature day max:
13 °C

Temperature day min:
4 °C

Depature time:
09:15 a.m.

Arrival time:
04:00 p.m.

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