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Sleets and colourful cave world


As we just want to kick in the pedals a Chinese family which has also spent the night at the hotel, gives apples to us. „This is really fantastic what you are doing“, says the father of two daughters the thumb upwards stretching. "Xie xie", we thank and cycle into the rainy wet day. The first kilometres we follow an absolutely contaminated river everything what one does not use anymore lands in the water. Then it goes up again steadily at more than 1,200-m height. The long-pulled driving downhill is, in spite of four woollen shirts of different strength, a wind stopper jacket and rain jacket, woollen underpants, over trousers for extreme minus temperatures, and our rain trousers, unpleasantly. The winter gloves are from the long-term rain soaking wet, which is why we hardly own feeling in the fingers. The chill factor during the endlessly appearing driving downhill is huge and lets us cool down completely. „Oh as I abhor the constant cold meanwhile“. Trembling we reach the valley. Big signs point to a tourist attraction. Buddhist buildings are built in a precipitous, nebulous-overcast cliff face. „Looks thus as there would be there on top a few limestone caves to visit“, I say on one of the brown signs interpreting. Because we not only want to cycle through China, but discover it for ourselves, and the bilingual tip boards something special promise, we park our bicycles before one of many small restaurants. The glass doors of the food suppliers are wide open, to conceive the few guests who have found in this weather their way here. The cook and her son offer us in their frost castle a place on the ramshackle chairs. Quick we get a hot noodle soup served which warms us a little. „Do you want to warm your self a little at the coal basin?“, asks the landlady as she sees us freezing. "With pleasure", we answer on which the woman pushes to us a metal bowl under the table in which a few lumps coal glow. The warmth climbing up collects under the table and warms a little our bodies before it evaporated in the cold space around.

Because during the cave inspection one of us must pay attention to Ajaci and the bikes, we can go only separate. Thus I get on the way first, buy a ticket and leave my Two behind in the cold restaurant.

Because of many steps upwards to the cave entrance I become quickly warm. I expect not all too much from the limestone cave, because with me only a few shimming bats are the only visitors. But probably it lies rather in the uncomfortable weather that only few tourists get lost here. In a narrow, illuminated tunnel, I penetrate into the inside of the mountain, and hardly trust to my eyes. It is a breathtaking sight. Sharp stalactites hanging from the cave roof and from the ground are growing dull stalactites against. At some places of the caves the rogue's stones are in the middle grown together. Floodlights dip the weird rock figures in red, blue and green light, taking photos and being astonished I walk and climb deeper and deeper in the humid underworld. A few Chinese signs show the way to me. I follow in rock struck steps down. Amazedly I discover there a Buddha's shrine. As well as it looks a part of the cave was already used long ago by monks for their meditation. Again upwards rising, I scramble deeper and deeper by writhing ways and winding tunnels in the unconventional world. Suddenly I stand before a rustiness steel leader almost vertically in a huge chimney leads.

After over one hour by the dark world I am conceived from the humid, cold drizzle. „What an unusual and unexpected adventure“, I say to Tanja. „You mean it makes sense that I have a look at this?“ „Absolutely. You must keep only to the signposts. There are ways in those the lighting has fallen out. You may not follow those. Best of all you take a forehead lamp.”

As Tanja comes back she is also thrilled. We briefly exchange our experiences and continue our trip. Hardly we step in the pedals other signs point to apparently even bigger caves.Because of the still persistent rain, we find under a small wooden pavilion protection, and find out that the inspection of this indeed much bigger limestone caves, at least two hours needs. „If we want to have a look at the caves separate we do not create it today“, I say thoughtfully. Tanja asks a policeman whether we can somewhere save park our bikes. „And what do we make with Ajaci?“, I point out. A young Chinese comes running up. She says she will pay attention on Ajaci and the bikes, while we see the caves. Molly tells that she works in the management and likes to give to us the pleasure that we can have a look at the caves together. „We can trust her“, I think persuaded. We strap our document pocket around the hip, and leave Ajaci, the bikes cameras, laptops and all other things behind, with Molly and start to walk to the caves.

Really the caves are bigger and even more imposing than those we before had visited. Here we are also not the only ones. In the high halls and narrow ways resound the calls and talks of the visitors. In spite of many people we are inspired by this huge spectacle of nature, the biggest limestone cave we have seen in our life. After two hours we leave under the right hand of a colossal Buddha's statue which was converted into the exit the cave. Molly meanwhile joint by a friend was looking very well after Ajaci and the bikes. She enjoyed being with our dog. We are happy and thankful for so many wonderful inspirations and people we are meeting in China.

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12.02.2016 to 14.02.2016

Day: 228-230




Latitude N:

Longitude E:

Daily kilometer:

Total kilometer:

The crow:
22.78 km

Average speed:
22.3 km/h

Maximum speed:
45.9 km/h

Driving time:

Ground quality:

Maximum height:
1.200 m

Complete height meter of E-bike expedition:
17.412 m

Height meter of the day:
664 m

07:31 a.m. - 07:29 a.m.

06:23 p.m. - 06:25 p.m.

Temperature day max:

Temperature day min:

Departure time:
9:45 a.m.

Arrival time:
5:30 p.m.

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